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What is a Business Intelligence Bot?

A BI-bot takes your business reporting to a new level. It aggregates all your business data into a single interface that instantly converts written or spoken queries into reports and analysis, vastly improving reporting efficiency and capabilities.

Tracer also provides powerful regression analysis to identify trends and make predictions about customer performance.

Natter AI BI chatbots for business intelligence

How do we do it?

It's not just an illusion...

AI BI bots with machine learning intelligence, by Natter

We constantly collect data from your site and add this to the Tracer platform, along with as many other data sources that you share with us.

Anyone in your business can ask the BI-bot a question about any customer or sales query, and the BI-bot instantly responds in a user friendly way.

Hey presto! Your analysts can be left to get on with what they do best, rather than responding to information queries from across the business, thus vastly improving efficiency.

Say no more

Natter AI BI bots

42% of businesses plan to deploy mobile BI.

Business intelligence, powered by chatbots

85% of business leaders believe that big data will dramatically change the way they do business.

AI bot driven BI

5x companies using smart analytics are 5 times more likely to make smarter decisions.

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